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Meta Research Press is your online partner for English language editing & proofreading services for your manuscript before you submit it for publication. Publishing research papers in high impact factor Meta Research Press Journals is considered an important criterion for the future career growth of scientists and researchers.

Our global delivery model combined with our strong commitment and dedication helps us in providing you with the best possible editing services.

Our services are reliable and of high quality.

Manuscript Editing services by Meta Research Press:

  • Substantive Editing: It consists of a thorough and comprehensive revision of the contents of the manuscript and incorporating substantive changes to the text to improve its organization and quality of communication. The Editing process involves checking and correcting the manuscript’s English language for spelling, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, rephrasing, revising sentence structure, eliminate repetitions, ensure continuity of ideas. In short, to make a manuscript consistent and logical to conform to a chosen standard. To get the quote please email us at:
  • Proofreading: It shall consist of reading manuscript thoroughly, picking up all types of errors present therein & make appropriate corrections to typing mistakes, missing words, punctuation, capitalization, checking the manuscript with regard to consistent usage of abbreviations, and correct documentation of references, checking the manuscript for its layout such as headlines, paragraphs, and illustrations etc for their correct dimensions and placement. To get the quote please email us at:
  • Editing Research Proposals & Grant Applications: It shall mean checking and correcting the research proposal/grant applications submitted by client with regard to its content, checking and correcting errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, correct choices of words and repetition removal. Right phrases, removal of superfluous words, coherency and checking for clear description and rationale of the experimental methods, point out obvious scientific discrepancies, and review the tables, figures and legends.
  • Full Translation and Scientific Editing: It shall mean translation of the submitted manuscript written in the native language of client to English, followed by “Substantive Editing”.
  • Medical Writing: This will include a medical project from scratch from a rough draft/outline/ or based on the study data and guidelines provided by client into a well-structured document with smooth flow of ideas, proper tone, correct organization, structure and format it to the desired publication style, add updated reference from published literature, create supporting material such as figures and tables from the study data provided by client.
  • Business Proposal Writing for Management Students: You may have an excellent and novel research/business idea; but quality of your proposal /fund application depends not only on the quality of your proposed project, but majorly on the quality of your writing. Therefore, it is very important to write a good business proposal. We write persuasive and compelling business proposals for our clients. Business proposal is a compelling document of a seller and is often considered as key step in the complex sales process when the prospective buyer is looking beyond process in a purchase. We write all the three types of business proposals: A. Formally solicited, B. Informally solicited, C. Unsolicited Our experienced writers can write exactly the proposal that you want for your need.
  • Customized Services: A. Camera-ready formatting B. Poster Creation C. Journal Selection & Submission
    • A. Camera-ready formatting: It shall mean preparing a manuscript submitted by client in a designated manner, layout and formatting style of text, paragraphs and figures within a specified margin and position which is ready for direct printing by the publisher.
    • B. Poster Creation/design: It shall mean arranging the contents of the manuscript submitted by client in a condensed format into a visually appealing poster of desired dimension as per the requirement of client, and will include creating a suitable template and layout, formatting and typesetting texts, figures and tables.
    • C. Journal Selection and submission: Choosing the appropriate journal for publishing research papers is a difficult endeavor for many scientists and scholars. You may have obtained excellent results after spending painstaking hours in conducting research and preparing a research paper manuscript. You may be confident that the result of the study is relevant for the desired audience. But if the research paper is submitted and published in an obscure journal then there is a little chance of it getting right exposure. We will help you in selecting the best Meta Research Journal that we help in far reaching of your paper to larger audience.
  • Translation Services: The need of translation is especially acute in the modern world. It is an inevitable requirement to communication your message effectively on International platform with much larger audienceNations depends on translation to bridge what would otherwise be an impossible communication gap.
  • Illustration services: Illustration services are typically performed by specialty designers that have experience with the various types of drawing methods.

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