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  1. Manuscripts not exceeding 20 printed pages should be attached and sent to the Meta Research Press via e-mail
  2. Use separate attached files for text, tables and figures. The manuscript should be prepared in MS-WORD or PDF FORMAT or TEX FORMAT.


  1. Margin:

    Top: 1.6”

    Bottom: 1.3”

    Sides: 1.25”
  2. Column: Single column
  3. Paper Size: A4
  4. Font Style: Times New Roman
  5. Font Size as follows: Title: 16 size, Bold, Alignment: Center
    Author Name & Affiliation: 12 size, Normal, Alignment: Center
    Abstract: 12 size, Normal, Alignment: Justified
    Subheadings: 12 size, Font in CAPITAL, Alignment: Justified
    Content: 12 size, Normal, Alignment: Justified
    Reference: 12 size, Normal, Alignment: Justified
  6. Line Spacing: Single

Manuscripts submitted to Meta Research Press should contain: concise and definitive title of article, authors' names, authors' institutional affiliations, abstract (300-500 words suitable for abstracting services), up to 8 key words, main text including introduction, study area, material and methods, results, discussion, conclusion, references, acknowledgments, tables (each starting with a caption and on a separate page) and figure captions on a separate page, list of symbols and abbreviations (if necessary), numbered list of references, brief biographical sketch and Original figures.

Title: The title should be given in English and should be short and informative

Author Names and Affiliations: Author name should consist of first name, middle initial, last name. The authors’ affiliation should consist of the following, as applicable, in the order noted: University, institute, agency or company, with the relevant department and division, postal address; city, state, zip code, country, fax, and e-mail.

Abstract: A short abstract (300-500 words maximum) should open the paper. The purposes of an abstract are:

  • To give a clear indication of the objective, scope and results of the paper so that readers may determine whether the full text will be of particular interest to them;
  • To provide key words and phrases for indexing, abstracting, and retrieval purposes.
  • The abstract should not attempt to condense the whole subject matter into a few words for quick reading.

Keywords: should not repeat nouns used in the title and should describe the studied problem as best as possible.

Tables: Number tables consecutively with Arabic numeral and give each a clear descriptive caption at the top. Type them on separate pages but indicate in the margin of the manuscript where they should be placed.

Figures: All figures should be numbered with consecutive Arabic numbers and have descriptive captions on a separate page. They must be mentioned in the text and submitted separate. Their approximate position should be indicated in the margin of the manuscript.

Abbreviations: Where long words are repeated throughout the text, shortened versions or initials can be included in parentheses after the long words first appear and then only the shortened versions are to be used.

References: References are to be numbered and cited in the text by number. They are to be listed in the reference section of the paper in order of first citation in the text. If three or more authors have written a paper then use the first author followed by "et al" in the text.

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